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Residents at  Deer Valley, AZ, have always known that they are in good hands. The high standard of care is something we offer to make your loved one’s life more comfortable and enjoyable while providing support for every stage throughout their journey through illness or injury. In addition, the variety found within our communities provides an enriching experience explicitly tailored toward each resident’s needs, interests, preferences, and aspirations, which will help them live better today- and tomorrow.  

Estrella Gardens is a beautiful retirement community for seniors who need help with daily tasks. It offers assisted living facilities, where residents can receive assistance in everyday life; it’s perfect if you cannot do things like cook or clean by yourself.

At Estrella Gardens, we believe that family members are the people in your life who want you around for good times and bad. We accept all shapes and sizes – even if it means having someone new stay over every now then. We always leave our doors open where our loved ones can go when they need somewhere safe or want some time alone.

Estrella Gardens is a home for loved ones, family members, and care providers. We want all of our guests to feel at peace in this welcoming environment that will allow your loved ones the opportunity to handle some fond memories from childhood years spent feeling unconditional love here with us.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living communities offer a safe and nurturing environment for seniors who need help managing their health, engaging in daily activities, or want to stay engaged during their retirement years. We make sure that our residents have everything from cooking lessons on-site so they don’t feel isolated when it comes time to eat real meals at home instead of dining out every night.

The residents of this community have everything they need to live comfortably. Every bedroom comes with an en suite bath. There are plenty of spaces where people can socialize, like in the game room or living area that features state-of-the-art audio/video equipment and elegant dining set up for your convenience. We provide delicious food and nutritious snacks, too, so you don’t feel hungry during those busy days when it’s just not possible (or maybe even desirable)to cook meals from scratch.

Estrella Gardens is proud to provide quality customer service, and we make sure our residents enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle in this warm environment. In addition, our friendly staff offers hospitality services. Because there are always changes happening at Estrella Gardens, it’s hard for us not to be able to help you with anything. There are so many different things going on all the time, but don’t worry about any problem because someone will answer your call as soon as possible, which gives people peace of mind knowing nobody else has got their back while they’re away from home.


You have come to the right place if you are looking for support with aging parents and elder care, help dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, or nursing homes. You most likely know how overwhelming and complex this journey can be.

Estrella Gardens is the go-to name if you are searching for a trustworthy company to help with eldercare. We have been providing professional services in Scottsdale and surrounding areas. Let us show how we can make informed decisions about your elderly’s future needs so that it becomes less stressful on all fronts—especially considering what an important decision this truly could be at any age.

Retirement Living

Living in a retirement living community is an exciting opportunity for seniors who are ready to explore new surroundings. This can be both emotional and stressful, but it’s worth the risk. A lot goes down during this decision-making process; we’ll walk you through what happens from the start (or maybe even before) all way until after moving into your retirement living facility while still providing detail on how things work here so there won’t be anything left unanswered.

Senior Care

We take care to ensure that your senior care needs as a resident are met with the most compassion and familiarity. You will find many senior care activities available for our residents, from art classes in their rooms or social events outside. In addition, a variety of services is provided at The Estrella Gardens, including personalized support staff who have gone through extensive training to provide an excellent level path verbal encouragement while offering individualized assistance based on what’s needed most during any given time period.

Our nurses and social workers at Estrella Gardens monitor senior support’s experienced and exceptional caregivers. Having a professional caregiver can mean the difference between remaining safely in your own home or moving into an institutional setting. We provide assistance with medication management development of a cost-effective caregiving schedule that works for you (including meal preparation/housekeeping), personal hygiene routines, companionship time, and transportation if necessary.

Senior Living

Estrella Gardens is here to help you age with dignity and comfort with all your senior living needs. We’re fully accredited by Medicare, Medicaid, and many other insurance providers so that your loved ones receive the care they need – no matter what type of facility it’s located within or whether there are any medications involved. You can rest easy knowing we’ve got everything under control from medical staff who will be awake 24/7 around the clock providing direction for patients’ needs during meal times through caregivers ready at hand if needed.

Living in a senior living complex with everything is taken care of is the perfect way to live. The senior residents can enjoy delicious meals, cleanliness throughout their stay, and other necessities without worrying about any hassle or problem when living on their own outside society’s norms. It’s no secret why so many people choose senior living over homes: they provide peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about things like trash disposal (or even having enough money), broken appliances, etc. What if we told you there was more than just convenience involved.

Why choose us?

Estrella Gardens is committed to helping you reach your mental wellness goals with a well-rounded approach that includes helpful information, sources, and facilities. Our exemplary services include assisted living facilities, elder care, retirement living, senior care, and senior living. Estrella Gardens in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a great place for senior citizens who need help with daily tasks but don’t want to give up on living together. They’re accredited by CNA (the National Association of Home Care Agencies) and offer assisted living apartments that have been awarded five stars.

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