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Family Style Assisted Living Consultants

Plan what you do – Do what you plan

Mission statement:

To provide clients with a comprehensive schedule from start to finish to open a residential assisted living home. And to assist clients with prepurchase property suitability evaluation(s) and subsequently providing floor plans and day to day operations, including training, that enhance the living environment for residents and provide for efficiency across the multiple caregiving activities. It all starts with a well thought out floorplan.


Kathy and Tom have been together since 2012. In 2018 they decided to own and run a 10-bed assisted living home in Scottsdale AZ. They acquired an off market property, designed the interior configuration, directed all facets of the build out, implemented standards of care that were far above the “norm” and subsequently filled the rooms in short order. Their home did not have any outbreaks of covid or any other illness. The structured environment was developed, taught and maintained through the tenacity of Kathy and her Nursing experience. While managing the home multiple people inquired about how well it ran and how “homey” it felt. Kathy and Tom started consulting in early 2020. Kathy and Tom were approached by a buyer that had been in the business for 25 years that wanted to buy the home. The home sold in December of 2022. The sale gave way to Launching a fulltime consulting business.

Estrella Gardens Owner Kathy Smiling

Kathy Knudson, RN

Owner and Manager

Kathy has been in the medical field her entire career. She is a Registered Nurse since 2000 working as a traveling ICU nurse exposing her to a broad spectrum of personalities, procedures, systems and venues.

She began as a Certified Nursing Assistant and progressed as a paramedic to a Licensed Practical Nurse while earning a BSN degree, with honors, from DSU (Dickinson State University). She is a Registered Nurse licensed in Multiple states.

Estrella Gardens Owner and Manager Tom Smiling

Thomas Baddeley

Owner and Manager

Thomas has been in the construction industry for 45 years. He has worked as a foreman, superintendent, general superintendent, project manager and construction manager on a variety of heavy general engineering infrastructure improvements ranging from $1M to $500M million He is self-taught having started as a craftsman and augmented his career with specific college courses that paved the way to a seamless transition from trades to running the projects. Because every construction project is set up and ran like a standalone business his experience is very applicable to small business start-ups and operations.

“My career has introduced me to a variety of problems that were best solved by bringing people and ideas together. I’m very social and I genuinely enjoy people”.

Family Style Assisted Living

Consulting Topics

Step 1. Decide how to enter the business world.

→ Start a business from scratch.
→ Purchase an existing company.
→ Invest in a franchise.

Step 4. Property Acquisition

→ Existing Care Home
→ Existing Structure and Renovation
→ New Construction
→ Make Offers
→ Floor plans
→ Buildout

Step 7. insurance.
Step 2. Develop a Business Plan

a – Accurate information

Step 5. Licensing and Certifications

a – Licensing for State and Local Compliance
b – Certifications/Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Accreditation.
c – Certifications/Requirements for Long Term Health Care Insurance.

Step 8. Business Bank Account(s)

a – Benefit of Net 30 accounts

Step 10. Maintain a Financing Source(s) and Reserves
Step 3. Form The Business Structure

a – Choose the Business Name
b – File with the Secretary of State
c – Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Step 6. Operations

a – Create Policies and Procedures
b -Staffing and Management
c – Scope of Care
d – Compliance
e – Standards
f – Day to Day operations

Step 9. Marketing and Sales

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